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Elliott Allan Hilsinger

About me

In 1995, Elliott Allan Hilsinger graduated from the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati with a BBA. After that, Hilsinger started his business career right away. After graduating from college, he chose to pursue a career as an entrepreneur, and he quickly launched a number of modest firms. Over the next few years, Hilsinger worked hard to expand these ventures.

To keep these firms going, Elliott Allan Hilsinger employed his entrepreneurial abilities, strategies he learned in school, and extensive market research. In the end, Hilsinger sold the company he had started and went on to pursue other entrepreneurial ventures. After graduating from college, he spent a decade beginning, growing, and eventually selling a number of small enterprises.

Elliott Allan Hilsinger's identity was stolen in 2009. Personal identification information (PII) is not as safe as many people assume it to be, and as a result, this incident had a profound impact on him. To assist others from falling victim to identity theft, Hilsinger resolved to take action and educate people about the need of preserving Personal Information (PII). Hilsinger's major motivation for creating a new business is to achieve this goal.