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Elliott Allan Hilsinger

About me

Elliott Allan Hilsinger got his BBA from the University of Cincinnati's Carl H. Lindner College of Business in 1995. After that, he went to work right away in business. After graduating from college, he decided to become an entrepreneur and started a few small businesses. In the years that followed, he worked hard to grow these businesses.

Hilsinger kept these businesses going by using his business skills, techniques he learned in school, and market research. He eventually sold the business he had started and went on to try his hand at other business ideas. After finishing college, he spent ten years starting, growing, and selling several small businesses.

Allan Hilsinger's identity was stolen in 2009. Many people are wrong about how safe personally identifiable information (PII) is, and this event hugely affected him. He promised to take action and teach everyone how important it is to protect Personal Information so that others don't become victims of identity theft. His main reason for starting a new business is to reach this goal.